Welcome the new Audi Lunar Quattro!

Let’s welcome the first prototype of the new Audi Lunar Quattro or in short ALQ-01!

_DSC0011 (1)

The new prototype designed, manufactured and build together with our friends at Audi just finished it’s final round of assembly and is now taking it’s baby steps into the life of rover prototype aimed to be the pre-cursor for the final flight version soon to be send to the moon!
While design and manufacturing took a little over 5 months the assembly process kicked-off 3 months ago and is still ongoing. A prototype unit such as the ALQ-01 will constantly be upgraded to be equipped for all the upcoming tests it has to endure. Along the next months this new unit will have to proof itself in vacuum and radiation test chambers, on shakers (it’s definitly not as funny as it sounds) and in analogue environments, meaning labs and outdoor areas closely replicating the lunar environment. There’s a long road ahead of this unit and it all starts today.
It was a great honour for us that Eugene Cernan Astronaut of the Apollo 17 mission introduced our rover and it’s future mission all the way back to where Cernan last set foot on the moon, the Taurus-Littrow valley.


Here’s a few impressions from the manufacturing and assembly of the new ALQ-01 with more updates soon to follow!
If you want to stay up2date with the mission be sure to check our mission website www.mission-to-the-moon.com and susbcribe to our newsletter at bit.ly/pts-newsletter
Special thanks go out to all our suppliers, partners and manufacturers who supported us during the last months and worked overtime to get all the parts done both in time and in the high quality needed to make the assembly possible. Thanks to MM Zerspannungstechnik, Erich Huber, MBM Solutions, endutec, ProtoKinetik and of course the engineers at Audi Ingolstadt you all rock! :-)


 While 3D printed Aluminium is more than ready for prime time it still requires a rigorous post-processing to achieve the required high degree of accuracy necessary to integrate all of the versatile parts.


2015-12-09 MM Zerspanungstechnik 011


The so called ‘wings’ of the rover, after being printed and post-processed they now received their final coating and are ready for assembly.


2015-12-23 PTS ProtoKinetic 002


Inventory and kick-off assembly at our Berlin based labs as the first parts started to roll in.


2015-12-14 PTS 007


Initialisation of the first drive-unit, being the centrepiece of the highly efficient electric brushless drives of the rover.


2015-12-15 PTS 005


 Assembly of suspension lift enabling the needed terrain capabilities.


2015-12-28 PTS 041

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