Your Payload to the Moon!

A new player on the Lunar payload market rises from the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition:

The German PTScientists team offers their spare payload capacities at a competitive price point for payloads heading to the low moon orbit and surface.

[Berlin, 11.11.2015] As of today the PTScientists GmbH (PTS) announces that the final “System Design Review” for the Moon Lander is finished, and limited payload capacities are now available for purchase for commercial and scientific entities. “Thanks to structure and mass optimisations of the lander and rover, we have been able to meet our set mass estimates and are now able to sell parts of our payload reserves from a starting price of 750.000€ per Kilogram to customers in different fields and industries. This enables research institutes as well as small to medium sized commercial entities to deploy their technology either in the moon orbit or on the surface on the moon.” said Robert Boehme, CEO of the PTScientists GmbH. A number of pre signed Payloads have already been confirmed for the first PTScientists Mission to the Moon, including customers such as Gedex, Inc., NASA Ames and the Audi AG. One additional payload slot is reserved towards the XPRIZE Foundation as part of the requirements of the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition. The price per kilogram for new customers is €800,000 for less than 1 kg, €750,000 for 1-2 kg and €700,000 for 2+ kg. For interested parties, a detailed interface description is available upon request at

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